About Us

EVPI tandemEntity Voices Paranormal Investigations consist of only two people. Myself and my wife Cherei. I started out as a complete skeptic and it was not until my wife Cherie ask me to take her to some place haunted for Valentines day. Normally we would spend the weekend at a resort relaxing by the pool and enjoying the weekend together. Now being the accommodating husband that I am, I obliged her request and made a reservation at a known Arizona Hotel for its so called "Hauntings". I even went as far as to pick up a few "Ghost Hunting" items to allow her to enjoy her ghost haunting weekend. She was happy to receive the digital voice recorder, the EMF detector and the night vision camera, so I was happy she was happy and off we went to look for Ghosts. I played along and humored her request, laughing most of the night and thinking it was rather comical.......Until we returned home and she began reviewing the photos, the video and the digital recording... I was shocked at what was on the! This began the search for what continues today to be one of the most exciting and bizarre experiences of our lifes. Not to mention the lives of those we have encountered. This has truly been an educational and fascinating exploration for the truth about life after death and an eye opening realization of what actually exists in the paranormal. We have spent years, countless hours, and our own personal dollars to research and investigate hundereds of locations across the western states and others across the county. We started simple in the early years mostly investigating public hotels, but soon found ourselfs being called to historic locations and over the past few years to private homes and business to find out exactly what is going on. Seven years later we continue to be involved heavily in paraormal investigations and Today I am the Radio Host of Paranormal Evidence on WBHM-db radio and discuss weekly, some of the best evidence, captured by paranoraml teams arcoss the country and the world.