Portal Communication

ITC- Instrumental Transcommunication

Anyone who becomes involved in paranormal investigations has to realize that spirits will eventually make attachments to you and more than likely follow you home. We have had this happening for years. Now most people think that if a spirits follows you that this is automatically assumed to be a negative thing. i.e. demonic or possession. This can happen, but is usually NOT the case. We have found that spirits follow us because they know they will have the ability to communicate with us. Many of the times they will communicate with us through various ITC devices. ITC stand for Instrumental transcommunication. ITC is the use of electronic equipment for the purposes of making audio or video contact with the spirit realm. With modern day equipment, recordings of spirits and ghosts are captured in sound and image! Instrumental Trans - communication methods can employ electronic devices such as radios, televisions, computers, audio recorders, telephones, ghost boxes and more in an attempt to communicate with spirits and ghosts. Electronic devices that can receive video and/or audio are used to try to receive and record spirit messages from beyond the grave. Such communications may be in the form of images, video or audio recordings This is using electronic devices that allow Spirits to manipulate white noise or radio wave to allow there voice to be heard. This section shoes examples of ITC communication.

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