The Old Phelps Dodge Hospital

515 W Hospital Road Ajo Arizona

The town of Ajo, Arizona was built on mining, and was home of the first Open Pit copper mine in Arizona! The mine suffered from strikes and shutdowns, until 1983. The labor strike that began in July of that year crippled the community and although the mine struggled with non-union laborers, and the fall of copper prices, the town suffered right along with the mine . Mining stopped in 1985 and the hospital was shut down shortly afterwards in 1986. Throughout the years the hospital was operating, countless number of people died from mining accidents, to disease, and to foul play. It was a rough time and hard work for the miners and accidents claimed many lives. Children being treated at the hospital also died from early childhood diseases that vaccines were not available for until after WWII. The spirits of this hospital even after 40 years of being vacant still appear to be lingering inside. The hospital has one full time resident, who is the caretaker of this unoccupied building, and reports repeatedly being choked in his sleep by what he believes to be an unseen force. The Hospital is located directly across from the New Cornelia open-pit copper mine which is 1.5 miles wide and 1,100ft deep. The hospitals sole purpose was to serve the local community of miners and their families. But when the pit shut down in 1985 the hospital died with it, leaving it abandoned. Today it is looked after by caretaker Ignacio, who has experienced a large amount of what he believes is paranormal activity within these walls including hearing doorknobs rattling and shaking and doors slamming. He is quoted as saying "he feels high levels of paranormal activity around the old operating room". Entity Voices Paranormal Investigations led by Tony and Cherie Rathman are now offering overnight investigations to paranormal groups to investigate the old Phelps Dodge Hospital, known today as the "Copper Canyon Paranormal Research Center". Do you have the guts to spend the entire night investigating the pitch black halls and rooms of this 1918 Hospital? If you think you do? For more information about the hospital known today as the Copper Canyon Paranormal Research Center please visit

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