Hotel St. Michael

205 W Gurley St, Prescott, AZ 86301

Hotel St. Michael is known as the cornerstone of Whiskey Row. The hotel is ideally located downtown, right on the courthouse plaza in the culture center of Prescott. Walk to Prescott s best restaurants, bars, entertainment, shopping, galleries, museums, fitness center, the town square, the Chamber of Commerce and much more. Try something different, experience history and enjoy the casual and friendly atmosphere of the Hotel St. Michael. The Hotel St. Michael was built in 1901, before the arrival of automobiles in Prescott. Constructed to replace the Hotel Burke, which burned in the great fire of 1900, the new hotel was built complete with Gargoyles around the outside to protect the guests within. The Hotel St. Michael is lovingly known as The Grande Dame of Prescott, the Cornerstone of Whiskey Row. Throughout its colorful history, the Hotel St. Michael has provided lodging to many notables, including Theodore Roosevelt, Billy the Kid, Doc Holiday, the Earps, and more recently, Barry Goldwater, who gave many a political speech in its ballroom. Today, the Hotel St. Michael continues in its tradition of western hospitality with historic ambiance and modern amenities. Guests of the hotel are treated to a complimentary, cooked-to-order, hot breakfast served in the fully restored CaffĂ© St. Michael. The haunted history of this hotel seems to be kept very much secret. There is very little information and the Hotel staff and Mangers flat out say…No this place is not haunted. I guess the numerous personal reports and investigations don’t count as being haunted! The hotel is known for footsteps in the halls and the feeling of being watched. There is also a haunted historic elevator used in the building. For more information about the hotel please visit

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