Bellaire House

1699 Belmont Ave, Bellaire, Ohio

The mysterious Bellaire House is located in Bellaire Ohio has tremendous Paranormal activity occurring in it. The Bellaire House sits on a Leyline, there are native American burial grounds behind the house, and coal mines where 78 men died in a fire in chamber in Coal Mine #1 that sits directly beneath the home, plus the house is no more than 1000 yards from the Ohio river - that means there is a constant source of paranormal energy that goes in and out of the house. In 2005 Kristin Lee was effected by two flash floods which left her family homeless. Shortly after they moved into the Bellaire house they noticed "odd" things. Kristin Lee blamed everything but paranormal until one night as she lay in bed, she was attacked and her dog was thrown against the wall. At that point Kristin Lee reached out to Ohio Valley Paranormal Research Investigations for help to explain what was happening. She rented the Bellaire House out to a handful of renters and none of them stayed very long. Some left due to the activity and some left on their own free will. But the house remained empty. Kristin even tried to sell the home back to the city for the price of $1 but the city refused. Today the paranormal activity continues in the home and Kristin now rents the place out to paranormal Investigators for research and study of Paranormal activity. We got to spend 3 days and two nights in this amazing home. Come see what found in the Bellaire House! Verbige from
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Here's a video clip of a


Here's are the interior pictures.


Here are some of the EVPs we've captured.

Dig his coffin.....I did

Get shot wood steps

He found me

Help Him

Help Me

Hes coming

Hi Cherie

Hi Tony

Im stuck_Help me_basement